Watching the water for a rise

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Gear Reviews:

Sage Dart Fly Rod

How To:

The Basics

How to fly cast (getting started).
How to hold a fly rod.
How to choose a fly rod.
Choosing a fly line.
What fishing flies to use (small streams).
What knots to use (you only need 3).
Dry Fly or Nymph – a small stream choice.
Importance of Lessons and Practice


How to fix a broken fly fishing rod tip
Which fly lines for small streams?
Simple nymphing leader set-up
Dry Fly Fishing : timing the strike
Australia: How dangerous are snakes?

Fly Tying

Tying a simple hopper

Seasonal Fishing


Opening Day 2017
Early Season Rewards


Hopper Fishing


Autumn Late Tactics – Midge & Smelt
Autumn challenges
Late Season Fishing days
Autumn treat: fishing report


Late Season North Island New Zealand : 2018