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Learn to Fly Fish near Melbourne with Twig & Stream.

Learn to fly fish near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  The key to enjoying your fishing is to be confident in your abilities, (and catching fish of course) .  There is nothing quite like making a cast, exactly as you planned, and having the satisfaction of seeing a trout rise and take your perfect presentation.

Spending time and effort on yourself is one of the best investments you can make. Whether you want to learn to fly fish or to build your casting skills, and improve your fishing, our qualified casting instructor can help.

Introductory Fly Fishing Courses

We run these half-day group courses 90 minutes from Melbourne, approximately every 6 – 8 weeks.  You can find the details for upcoming courses here.

Learn to Fly Fish On-Stream Experience

Our learn to Fly Fish experience combines a Beginners casting lesson with four hours of  on stream fishing and learning.  Find out more here or contact us to make a booking enquiry.

Improve your Fly Fishing: On-Stream Tuition.

Already fly fishing but you want to improve? Why not join us for a full or half day of guided tuition out on the stream. YOu can book with us ay a time tat suits you any time during the fishing season (Sep – Jun). Find out more here.

Ongoing Casting Lessons

Our casting lessons focus on working with you and your style; working on casts that help you catch fish. Find out more here.

Beginners’ Corner

Learning to fly fish can be daunting. It seems quite complicated So much specialist terminology (jargon really), but to help demystify it a bit, we have put together a few articles to help you along the way. Find out more here.


Courses From
Introductory Fly Fishing Course $275
Learn to Fly Fish on Stream $450
Fly Fishing Onstream Tuition $450

For the cancellation and refund policy for Introductory Fly Fishing Course, Learn to Fly Fish on Stream Experience, Improve your Fly Fishing Half Day Course, or Improve Your Fly Fishing Weekend Course, (The Services), please refer to Terms & Conditions.

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