Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions for The Services offered by Twig & Stream Pty. Ltd. (ABN 13614375941) are set out below.

Terms and Conditions

PHYSICAL HEALTH: The Client is required to inform Twig & Stream of any health or physical conditions that might affect their participation in The Services.  This includes and is not limited to allergies, heart conditions, mobility issues, joint, muscular or skeletal injuries or conditions.  Twig & Stream reserves the right to decline service to any person it judges incapable of meeting the requirements of participating in The Services.

DEPOSIT AND PAYMENT: To secure the date of the booking The Client is required to pay at least 50% of the cost of The Services (The Deposit) at least 14 days prior to The Commencement Date.  The Deposit shall be held by Twig & Stream for and on behalf of The Client and applied against the total amount for The Services.   The Client is required to pay the full cost for The Services, at least 7 days prior to The Commencement Date.  Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the booking, and forfeiture of The Deposit.

LICENCESA recreational fishing licence is required when taking or attempting to take any species of fish by a fishing line in Victoria’s public waters. Where The Services include fly-fishing in Victorian public waters, unless the Client is exempt, The Client is responsible for obtaining a recreational fishing licence from the Victorian Fisheries Authority prior to The Commencement Date. If The Client fails to obtain a fishing licence, where required, and cannot obtain one prior to The Commencement Date, any monies shall be forfeit.

LIABILTY & WAIVER POLICY: The Client is required to complete and sign the Liability Policy & Waiver Release Declaration prior to the commencement of The Services.

MINIMUM PARTICPANT NUMBER: Some services have a defined Minimum Participant Number. This is the minimum number or participants required for Twig & Stream to conduct The Services. Minimum Participant Numbers are listed here.

CANCELLATION AND RE-SCHEDULING POLICY: If The Client wishes to cancel or re-schedule The Services, they must do so at least 7 days prior to The Commencement Date. Rescheduling or cancelling The Services less than 7 days in advance of The Commencement Date may result in forfeiture some or all of monies paid.

The parties understand that, for reasons beyond the control of Twig & Stream, The Commencement Date may need to rescheduled, or The Duration of The Services reduced. Such reasons may include but are not limited to: weather, fire, floods, governmental action, staff illness, or equipment failure.

Twig & Stream may reschedule The Services if, by 7 days prior to The Commencement Date, the number of participants that have paid for The Services has not reached the Minimum Participant Number.

NO-SHOW POLICY: Twig & Stream (or their authorised agent) will wait for The Client up to 60 minutes past the Commencement Time.  If The Client does not arrive within this period, The Services may be cancelled and any monies paid may be forfeited at Twig & Stream’s discretion.

REFUNDS:  Any refund for monies paid by The Client will be less any transaction fees incurred[1]. In the event of any cancellation by The Client, the following rules will apply for Refunds.

When cancelled Refund entitlement
7 days or more before The Commencement Date All monies pre-paid for The Services.
Less than 7 days, but more than 48 hours before The Commencement Date Any pre-payment made  less 50% of the full amount for The Services.
Less than 48 hours before The Commencement Date No refund.

In the event Twig & Stream is unable to fulfil The Services due to circumstances beyond their control the following applies:

  1. Where the Commencement Date needs to be rescheduled for reasons beyond the control of Twig & Stream, The Client has the option to reschedule The Services to an agreed date, or request a Refund.
  2. Where the Duration needs to be reduced for reasons beyond the control of Twig & Stream, The Client may be entitled to a pro-rated refund, less any expenses incurred by Twig & Stream.

TERMINATION: In the event The Client materially defaults in the performance of any of his obligations herein, The Client’s right to participate may be terminated at the sole option of Twig & Stream. Under such circumstances, The Client shall not be entitled to the refund of any monies.

[1] Transaction fees include fees charged by payment, intermediary or settlement services incurred when processing payments or refunds for The Services(e.g. PayPal Fees, Credit Card Payment Fees).  Where possible Twig & Stream makes available a fee free transaction service.

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