Fly Fishing On-Stream Course – flyer.

By appointment – to suit you

How would you like to improve your fly fishing while experiencing some of Victoria’s best trout waters ?

For those wanting to take their fly-fishing to the next level, we run an on-stream half-day fly fishing course by appointment to suit you at any time during the fishing season. 


  • You would like to catch more fish, more often
  • You don’t fish regularly so your not improving as quickly as you like
  • You would like to sharpen your skills

If you want to improve your enjoyment and success rates, or deepen your and fly fishing and casting skills this is the course for you. 

Based in  Yarra Ranges, 90 minutes from Melbourne, our on-stream course will show you some of the important extras that can improve your enjoyment and success on the water. Learn from our 20+ years of experience.  We tailor the actual activities to the participants relative level of skill and experience.  Course is limited to two participants.

Course covers:

  • Reading the water and identifying trout lies (where are they?)
  • Presenting the fly and managing drag (Casting and drifting the fly to the trout in a natural way)
  • Different casts and different approaches for different situations
  • Fishing the nymph, fishing the dry fly
  • Fly selection – Insects and how to match them
  • Knots and leader set-up
  • Casting need a tune up? We can help with that too.

What to expect/What is included:

  • 4 hours of instruction
  • Practical fishing time
  • No more than two anglers per instructor
  • Equipment if required
  • Afternoon Tea/Snacks

Course Location:

Marysville, Vic and surrounds.

What to bring


  1. Lunch, Tea, Coffee, Water
  2. Use of Rods, reels, lines flies, waders

What you need to bring:

  1. Fishing Licence, if you don’t have one go to
  2. If you have your own waders/rod/reel/ etc, bring it.   Don’t worry we will be able to provide gear for you to use.
  3. Sunglasses or eye protection.
  4. A day pack to carry your gear
  5. Raincoat
  6. Weather suitable clothing:
    1. Long sleeve shirt
    2. Long trousers
    3. Raincoat (in case of rain)
    4. Suitable additional layers of clothing. Weather can be quite variable so it is good to be prepared. It is good to carry a few layers.  Avoid cotton. Woollen, or polypro thermal layers are preferred)
  7. A dry change of clothes (sometimes nice at the end of a wet day)
  8. Hat
  9. Sunscreen
  10. If you have known allergies severe enough to require one, please bring your epiPen.

Bookings and dates:


Contact Twig and Stream, to make a booking#.
Mobile:  0412 168 020

#. For the cancellation and refund policy for the Fly Fishing On Stream Course, (The Services), please refer to Terms & Conditions.

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