What to bring (and not to) on your guided fly fishing experience


    1. Food – Packed Lunch on full day guided trip, and snacks on half day
    2. Water
    3. Use of  Waders, Rods, reels, lines flies – (note we clean and disinfect equipment between clients.

Not Required

    1. Camera: you are welcome to bring one if you wish, however your guide will have a camera, and takes shots along the day.

What you need to bring:

    1. A fishing licence (please ensure it is valid for the day, you can pre-purchase here.
    2. Masks (and personal hand sanitiser)
    3. If you have your own  waders please bring them, it will be more comfortable for you in your own boots and waders
    4. Weather suitable clothing:
      1. Long sleeve shirt
      2. Long trousers
      3. Raincoat (in case of rain)
      4. Suitable additional layers of clothing. Weather can be quite variable so it is good to be prepared. It is good to carry a few layers.  Avoid cotton. Woollen, or polypro thermal layers are preferred)
    5. A dry change of clothes (sometimes nice at the end of a wet day)
    6. Hat
    7. Sunscreen
    8. Raincoat
    9. Sunglasses or eye protection.
    10. If you have known allergies severe enough to require one, please bring your epiPen.
    11. Waterproof bag for your phone and/or camera. Water is bad news for expensive electronic equipment.
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