Fly Fishing Streamcraft course.

Course Date: TBA

How would you like to improve your fly fishing while experiencing some of Victoria’s best trout waters ?

For those wanting to take their fly-fishing to the next level, in we are running a stream craft course from TBA,   


  • You have been fly fishing for a while but would like to catch more fish, more often
  • You don’t fish regularly so your not improving as quickly as you like
  • You have been fishing a while and would like to sharpen your skills

If you want to improve your enjoyment and success rates, or deepen your and fly fishing and casting skills this is the course for you. 

Start time: 12 pm Friday (Midday)

Finish:  3 pm Sunday

Based in Mitta Mitta river valley in N.E.Victoria, our stream craft course will show you some of the important extras that can improve your enjoyment and success on the water. Learn from our 50 years of experience.  We tailor the actual activities to the participants relative level of skill and experience.


  • Reading the water and identifying trout lies (where are they?)
  • Presenting the fly and managing drag (Casting and drifting the fly to the trout in a natural way)
  • Different casts and different approaches for different situations
  • Fishing the nymph, fishing the dry fly
  • Fly selection
  • Knots and leader set-up
  • Casting need a tune up? We can help with that too.

What to expect/What is included:

  • Lots of practical fishing time
  • No more than two anglers per guide
  • 2 Night’s accommodation in comfortable lodgings a stone’s throw from the water
  • Packed lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Cooked breakfast and dinner – quality meals prepared by a trained chef
Bookings# Bank Tfr* PayPal Buy
Full payment, $700 $719 Buy Now Button
or Deposit(25%) $175 $180 Buy Now Button
then Balance(75%) $525 $539 Buy Now Button


  1. *We offer a reduced price if you pay by bank transfer, as we do not incur PayPal or Credit Card fees. Contact Twig and Stream for bank account details.
  2. # Cancellation and refund policy: A full refund is offered for cancellations up until a week prior to the commencement date of the respective course.  Cancellations after this date will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to the deposit amount.

Bring your own equipment, or let us know and we can provide some for you to use during the course.

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