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When we go fishing, we use the Cortland floating lines on our small stream set ups. We have been using them for over 10 years, and can vouch for their quality, durability, suitability and value for money.

We always recommend Double Taper floating lines with a 7 – 9 ft Front Taper, and the Cortland 444 Classic Peach is one of the best.  If you want to know why, you can read more here.

However we do have Weight Forward lines available in the Cortland 444 Classic Peach and Cortland 444 Modern Trout as well.  The Modern Trout lines are a half weight heavier for easy loading of modern fast action rods.

We also now stock a Twig & Stream two Tone Weight Forward and a basic starter line.

If you are after a different model or size, or we are suddenly out of stock, contact us and we can order it in for you!


Fly Lines Price
Cortland 444 Classic Peach DT floating line $110
Cortland 444 Classic Peach WF floating $110
Cortland 444 Modern Trout Moss Green WF floating $110
Two Tone WF floating Line $50
Entry Level Floating Lines $25

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Cortland 444 Classic Peach

Mastering a controlled, effortless cast determines your success in fly fishing. You can easily achieve this by taking advantage of the advanced characteristics of 444 Classic fly lines.
– The suppleness of 444 Classic fly lines is desired by fly fishers all over the world when delicate fly presentation is a critical factor.
– Special taper designs are used to assist in tight loop control and pinpoint casting accuracy. You maintain maximum control of every cast.
– 444 Classic’s special formulation contains unique properties that make it float extremely high on water surfaces. Line pick up becomes effortless with less chance of spooking fish.
– The glass smooth finish allows the line to pass through rod guides with less friction and noise. Every cast is smooth.

Cortland 444 Modern Trout

The 444 Classic Modern Trout has the power and controlled taper design to cast indicator rigs, dry flies and streamers.  Stealthy Moss Green, All Purpose Aggressive Taper, Front Welded Loop.  It is half a weight heavier to help load modern fast action rods.

Two Tone Twig & Stream

These are good quality budget weight forward line. Great to get you started, if you dont want to go for a more premium line. Welded loops for ease of use.

TS FLy Line

NOTE: Australian Delivery only

Please note that I only sell within Australia via this page, however international enquiries are welcome.

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