Introductory fly fishing courses.

We are running a series of introductory courses for newcomers wanting to try a little fly fishing. Each course is limited to a maximum 5 participants per instructor. This ensures that you receive sufficient attention from your instructor.

Dates and Bookings Price* Tickets
20 Jan 2019 – Intro. Course. $110 Add to Cart Button
20 Jan 2019 – Luncheon only $35 Add to Cart Button
Mar 2019 – Intro. Course $110 Add to Cart Button
Mar 2019 – Luncheon only $35 Add to Cart Button
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Fly fishing may seem to be a difficult and complicated way to catching fish.  These courses are designed to de-mystify fly fishing and provide an opportunity to learn, in a relaxed and engaging half day course.

The day begins at 10:30 with an interactive overview to help you understand this artful fishing:  A little history, and simple explanations with plenty of time to ask questions. We will quickly move to practical group casting lesson which is led by a qualified casting instructor. We will soon have you casting, helping you understand the fundamentals that will allow you improve more quickly.  Next we move to the Lodge’s lake to put your new skills into practice and try to catch a trout.

There will be a break for a delicious buffet luncheon, prepared by Kim, caterer  extraordinaire, and the owner of the Saladin Lodge. Afterwards the casting and fishing lesson will continue. The day will finish about 3pm.

Equipment is available for your use during the course.

Non fishing friends and family are welcome to attend the luncheon, and to enjoy the Sculpture garden walk.  The cost for the luncheon only is $35 per person.

* Prices are for direct bank payments (Electronic Funds Transfer). Credit Card Payments and PayPal payments incur additional processing fees (2 to 3% approx.). For Bank Account details please contact us.

For the cancellation and refund policy for Introductory Course and Luncheon, (The Services), please refer to Terms & Conditions.


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