Learn to Fly Fish Experience Flyer

So you want to learn to Fly Fish but it looks difficult and you do not know where to start? Learn to fly fish with Twig & Stream within 90 minutes of Melbourne.

Self taught habits are hard to un-learn.  Our Learn to Fly Fish Experience helps ease you into fly fishing and gives you a head start on your fly fishing journey.  You can benefit from the skills of qualified casting instructor and 20+ years experience of our guide to give you the best chance for an enjoyable and successful start to your fly fishing experience.

Our Learn to Fly Fish Experience includes:

  • A 90 minute casting lesson,
  • A half day guided fishing trip.

The Learn to Fly Fish Experience commences with a 90 minute beginner’s fly casting lesson, usually a week or so before you venture out on the river.  You will learn about the equipment, how it works, and the basic dynamics of casting.  It then moves on to some all important practice. Anything new takes time and practice, so the lesson leaves you with some homework to takeaway, to help build on the lesson in your own time. This means when we hit the river for your Half Day Guided Fishing Trip, you are able to cast well enough to focus on fishing, and with a little luck, catch your first trout on the fly.

What to expect/What is included:

  • 90 Minute casting lesson
  • 4 hours of of on-stream instruction
  • Practical fishing time
  • Equipment if required
  • Afternoon Tea/Snacks

Course Location:

Buxton, Vic and surrounds.

What to bring


  1. Snacks, Water, Refreshments
  2. Use of Rods, reels, lines flies, waders

What you need to bring:

  1. Your Lunch
  2. Fishing Licence, if you don’t have one go to https://vfa.vic.gov.au/recreational-fishing/fishing-licence
  3. If you have your own waders/rod/reel/ etc, bring it.   Don’t worry we will be able to provide gear for you to use.
  4. Sunglasses or eye protection.
  5. A day pack to carry your gear
  6. Raincoat
  7. Weather suitable clothing:
    1. Long sleeve shirt
    2. Long trousers
    3. Raincoat (in case of rain)
    4. Suitable additional layers of clothing. Weather can be quite variable so it is good to be prepared. It is good to carry a few layers.  Avoid cotton. Woollen, or polypro thermal layers are preferred)
  8. A dry change of clothes (sometimes nice at the end of a wet day)
  9. Hat
  10. Sunscreen
  11. If you have known allergies severe enough to require one, please bring your epiPen.
  12. Face Mask(s) and Hand Sanitiser


Contact Twig and Stream, to make a booking.
Email: twigandstream@gmail.com
Mobile:  0412 168 020

For the cancellation and refund policy for Learn to Fly Fish Experience, (The Services), please refer to Terms & Conditions.