Casting Lessons

Improve your fly casting with Lessons from a qualified casting instructor with Twig and Stream in Melbourne.  Our casting lessons focus on working with you and your style; working on casts that help you catch fish.

Beginners (60 – 90 minutes):

It is recommended to start with a 90 minute lesson before picking up a rod and trying to learn to cast by yourself. It is very hard to undo self-taught bad habits.

The lesson starts with simplifying the very confusing looking and sounding gear. Next we move on to understanding the basic dynamics of casting, and how to cast this thick looking line without any apparent weight or sinker. The lesson involves practice and feedback from a qualified instructor.

Anything new takes time and practice, so the lesson leaves the student with some homework to takeaway, to help build on the lesson in their own time.

Intermediate and Advanced Casting (90 mins – 2hrs)

Lesson is specifically tailored to the individual needs of the student.

Advanced Fishing casts:

  • Accuracy, getting in, over, under and around obstacles,
  • Loop sizes and shapes,
  • Dealing with drag: curves, mends, wiggles and other slack line casts.

Dealing with Problem areas:

Initially an assessment is done of the students casting technique and takes into account their unique style, looking at the fundamentals of a sound cast. E.g. Line tension, rod plane, tip path, stroke length, and application of power. Then the lesson would involve specific drills to focus on, built around the student’s own style.


The price list can be found in the table below, please note we have gift vouchers available, or you can contact us here to make a booking enquiry.

Option/No. of People 1 2 3 4
Casting Lesson 60 mins $60 $40 pp $35 pp $30 pp
Casting Lesson 90 mins $80 $60 pp $50 pp $40 pp
Casting Lesson 120 mins $100 $75 pp $60 pp $50 pp